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“Dr. Michopoulos is unlike any doctor you've ever seen. Rather than treating the symptoms, she persistently asks "why" to get to the root cause(s) of any problem. She functions like a co-detective in the work of discovering what is going on with your unique ecosystem. Dr. Michopoulos holds her patients to a high standard and works just as hard as her patients to arrive at the most effective treatments and solutions. She is truly amazing to work with and undoubtedly can assist anyone in solving their issues and/or reaching their health goals.”

— Eliza H.
“I have been a patient of Dr. Michopoulos for the past 3 years. I was referred to her by a doctor who said she was a very gifted Osteopathic Physician and Family Practice Doctor. Dr. Michopoulos took more time with me than any doctor I have ever seen. She expressed true concern, understanding, patience, and gave me the opportunity to give her the full picture of the health issue I was facing. Not only did she listen well and calmly, she then offered many ways to remedy the problem. A few days after my first meeting, Dr Michopoulos personally followed up with a phone call. I am 55 and in all those years, I have never had a doctor personally phone me to check in. I have since referred friends, family and clients to Dr Michopoulos. Every person I send to her expresses how grateful they are to have found a true doctor who has so many gifts and offers them so kindly.” 
— Bonnie W.

“I reached out to Dr. Alexis Michopoulos on the recommendation of a friend. I had been feeling exhausted and feeling let down by my primary care physicians who just kept blowing me off because my bloodwork was “normal” and being in my early forties, I was just likely experiencing symptoms of perimenopause. No one ever offered real sympathy or solutions. So, I continued on for a couple years explaining away my symptoms and feelings until I reached a breaking point. That was when I met Dr. Alexis. I am not exaggerating when I say that she changed my life. My first appointment was an hour and a half zoom meeting and I left feeling more “seen” than I ever have by any doctor in my life. More importantly, I left with hope. She explained that falling in the “normal values” of traditional bloodpanels, was actually not normal for many women. She helped me see that I was not going crazy and that there were actual physiological reasons for how I was feeling. We pursued outside testing and found MANY areas where I was deficient and came up with ways to address each one. We came up with a plan, together, that was unique to my situation and needs and addressed the root of the issues rather than covering up the symptoms with a band-aid. It didn’t happen overnight but after a couple months I am feeling better than I have in YEARS. Even more important to me, I have a new-found respect for my body and for my own intuition. I would send a friend, a co-worker, my own mother to see Dr. Alexis. She has changed my expectations for the kind of care I will seek out for my daughter. Dr. Alexis is a gift to the Colorado medical community and I hope that others will follow her lead and change the way human medicine is practiced moving forward.”

— Kelly H.

“She is the most compassionate and understanding physician I have ever worked with. I have been struggling with menopause and all the symptoms that come with it. She has helped me lose weight that I haven’t been able to get off in years using a healthy and realistic approach. She is very direct and honest and will make you feel seen and heard. If you aren’t ready or comfortable, she is patient and understanding. She really went above and beyond and renewed my confidence in myself and doctors. I would recommend her a million times.”

— Elizabeth J.
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