Alexis Michopoulos, D.O.

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician in Denver, CO

Alexis Michopoulos, D.O.

Dr. Alexis Michopoulos, DO, is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician providing personalized functional and integrative medicine in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Michopoulos believes in genuine human connections with her patients, which is why she started her own practice. She loves building personal relationships with those she treats while providing support and guidance toward better health.

Dr. Michopoulos began her medical journey by completing her premedical requirements at the University of Denver in Colorado. She then earned her medical degree at Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Parker, Colorado. Dr. Michopoulos went on to complete her residency at St. Mary Corwin Medical Center in Pueblo, Colorado.

Following her formal training, Dr. Michopoulos began practicing full-spectrum family medicine in Colorado Springs. She was then offered the opportunity to become the Director of Osteopathic Education and Faculty of a Family Medicine Residency Program in Colorado before being promoted to its Medical Director and Associate Program Director roles.

In her practice, Dr. Michopoulos seeks the root cause of health problems through a complete medical history, symptom review, and lab testing. She considers all factors when designing a treatment plan for each patient. Dr. Michopoulos highly values honest communication and frank discussions with her patients. This patient-centered approach helps her determine which options work best in each person’s daily life.

Dr. Michopoulos always takes the time to understand health challenges, goals, concerns, and questions before recommending treatment plans. She gives patients the appropriate tools to heal themselves, modify illness, and prevent disease.

The many available treatment options include prescription medications, supplements, herbs, osteopathic manipulation, and lifestyle counseling. Dr. Michopoulos designs a health and wellness plan to help patients with thyroid health, women’s hormonal health, fatigue, cardiovascular health, weight loss, and many other concerns. 

Dr. Michopoulos is a Colorado Native and loves spending her free time traveling and being outside hiking with her dogs and inside with them cooking and enjoying time with friends. She is completing her certification in Herbal Medicine Education.

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